6 Steps To Get Your Lawn Minnesota Winter Ready

For many minnesotans, winter is just around the corner. Before the cold weather and precipitation rolls in, we’re sharing some tips to help ensure your yard is ready to weather winter all season long.

1. Rake All Of The Leaves

While most of the fall leaves are probably out of sight, be sure to rake up any last strays. Leaves left untouched can actually suffocate your lawn under snowfall in the winter and invite disease into your grass. Since the leaves are mostly done falling, now is a great time to do one final clean sweep of leaves.

2. Check And Clear Your Gutters

Before snow starts falling, you’ll want to make sure your gutters are cleaned out and secured to your home. Along with getting rid of stray leaves on the yard, leaves and other debris in your gutters can clog drainage when the snow comes and drop additional leaves into your cleaned up yard.

In addition to the leaves, it’s important to make sure your gutters are properly fastened to your home prior to snowfall. The weight of the snow can tear gutters down, so make sure everything is ready to go now.

3. Turn off Outdoor Faucets And Put Away Hoses

Drain any residual water from all outdoor pipes, valves, and sprinklers before turning them off for the season. Draining each can help to prevent bursting pipes that can occur from leftover water freezing in the cold and expanding. Also be sure to bring in the garden hose or any other outdoor hoses to ensure they don’t crack or become damaged in the cold weather.

4. Prune Shrubs and Trim Trees

Along with the beautiful white fluffy snow comes heavy weight, and your gutters aren’t the only thing at risk. Prune your shrubs and trim any trees that need a fresh cut prior to snowfall to ensure branches don’t get pulled down by the snow. Pruning your shrubs now can also help them keep their shape come the spring season.

5. Wrap or Cover Young Trees

If you have any young trees or plants on your property, you can want to wrap or cover them for the season. This can help protect them from the harsh winter weather and protect them for the spring season. We recommend burlap wraps for these trees which you can find at many local lawn and garden stores.

6. Aerate and Reseed

If you haven’t already aerated your lawn for the season, there’s still time to get it done – and we definitely recommend doing so! Aerating and reseeding your lawn now will promote growth down the line when you’re ready to begin seasonal maintenance again.

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