6 Tips for End of Winter and Early Spring Lawn Care in Minnesota

1. Keep the Yard Clear Throughout the Winter.

While the winter is in full swing, don’t forget to still care for you lawn. While most of the leave have already fallen, debris, branches, and other items blown through the wind can still end up in your yard. If items are left on your grass or buried under piles of snow, your grass will get matted down during the winter months and be less healthy when spring rolls around.

2. Protect the Lawn During the Last Weeks of Winter.

Don’t give into late-winter fatigue. It’s important to protect your grass from regular traffic and snow piles through the last stretch of the season. Keep your driveway, sidewalks and paths clear of snow so that people have a safe place to walk and aren’t trampling through grassy areas. Try to avoid piling up snow on your lawn so that as it melts, it doesn’t water log your yard. At the end of winter, break up piles of ice and spread the snow around to help it melt away quicker close to drains.

3. Groom the Grass at the Beginning of the Season.

The end of winter and beginning of summer isn’t the prettiest season for your grass. But don’t sweat it, your grass will be lively again soon. In the early spring months, lightly rake your grass and lawn to help perk up the grass blades and prepare them for the upcoming season. If that ground is still wet, you can damage the grass by dragging it through the mud. So have patience!

As the ground dries up and snow melts away, be sure to clean up any leaves or debris that got matted to your lawn.

4. Help the Grass Get Some Fresh Air.

It’s important to aerate and seed your lawn during the peak growing season of spring so it can grow back healthy and take on the warmer months ahead. If you haven’t aerated your lawn in the past, your grass will see a noticeable change. And if you regularly aerate each year, keep it up! Your grass thanks you. Aeration is used to break up compact soil and provide adequate space for grass to grow. This process allows the roots to access fresh air and nutrients more efficiently.

5. Use Nutrients to Grow Grass in the Spring.

Plants go dormant during the winter months, so fertilizer isn’t necessary during the coldest season. But you can help these grasses come back to life after a long winter with the help of fertilizer. After you finishing aerating your lawn and outside temperatures reach an average of 55°, give your grass a healthy meal to energize growth for the spring. Lawn fertilizer is a special mix of nutrients that the roots absorb and help them grow. Nutrients and fertilizer means healthier, happier grass.

6. Don’t Wait Too Long to Mow the Lawn.

While it’s not quite the time to mow yet, much lawns will be ready for a good trimming by late April or early May. We recommend letting your grass grow to about 3 inches in height before breaking out the lawn mower. Mowing your grass at this time helps prevent grass from getting overgrown and stimulates continual growth all season long.

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