5 Tips To Avoid When Seeding Your Grass

Seeding your grass is a great way to When you are putting down grass seed to create a new lawn, there are 5 grass seed mistakes that you want to avoid. Making these mistakes can cause you problems and make you lose time and money.

1. Not testing your soil’s pH level

Before you seed a lawn, it’s important to test the pH level of the soil to find out how acidic it is. Even if your soil appears to be healthy, it might be too alkaline or acidic for growing your grass. For most grass varieties, a level of 5.5-7 is needed.

2. Choosing the wrong kind of seeds

Another mistake that many homeowners make is they choose the wrong kind of seed. When you’re looking for a seed for your lawn, you’re going to find a lot to choose from. Some types prefer a different kind of climate so they can grow. Before choosing your seed type, make sure that it works in your particular climate.

3. Relying only on rain for water

While rain can be helpful in the watering process, many people mistakingly think that that is all the watering that is needed for new grass seed. But that’s not the case. Be sure to check on the weekly weather forecast, but when the weather goes days between rainfall, break out the sprinklers and give your grass seed some fresh water to drink. Without water, the seed will dry up and deep roots won’t develop.

4. Not taking the right lawn measurements

You may not think the amount of seed you’re using on your lawn matter, but it actually does. A lot. It’s crucial you measure the size of your lawn and carefully read the instructions on your seed to determine how much you should be using. Too little seed and your lawn will look sparse and under-plants. Too much, and your seeds may compete for the water and nutrition you’re supplying it. The grass can also overgrow and get out of control when you use too much seed.

5. Not aerating your soil

Aerating your soil before planting the seeds ensures the ground is ready to take on new roots and grow the grass strong. Aerating is a simple step in the seeding process that makes a huge impact. The aeration process creates small holes in the soil where the seeds will enter. If you don’t aerate your lawn, the seeds will simply sit on top of the soil and can get blown away or eaten by animals.

By aerating your lawn, the seeds will dig deeper into the soil where they naturally get protected from the elements.

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