6 Steps To Prepare Your Yard For The Spring Season

Spring is almost here and that means more time spent outdoors, beautiful blooming plants and flowers, and time to prepare your yard for warmer days ahead. If you love spending time in your lawn or garden like we do, now is the perfect time to prep those areas and ensure they’re ready for the months ahead.

How should you do that? We’re sharing 6 steps you should take now to prepare your Minnesota yard for the spring season just around the corner.

1. Clean up your yard

By picking up debris, branches, and other rubbish in your yard, you allow your grass and lawn to breath a little easier. This is the first step in preparing your yard for the new season.

2. Trim your trees and shrubs

Next, it’s time for pruning your trees and shrubs. Trim off any dead or damaged parts of your trees to allow the healthy portions to flourish. This also gives room for new growth to emerge on your shrubs.

3. Mow early and mow often

The sooner you start mowing, the sooner your lawn can get back into the swing of things this year. A fresh, shape cut to your grass will encourage new growth. Mowing often also encourages the grass to take root and continue to get stronger.

4. Schedule an aeration service

We highly recommend scheduling aeration services in the spring and fall. Aeration in the spring allows your grass to take deep, healthy roots for the seasons ahead.

5. Apply fertilizer and weed killer where needed

While over fertilizing your grass is something you want to avoid, some fertilizer, especially at the start of the season, can be very healthy for your grass. Weed killers can also help remove the bad plants and free up space for the ones you actually want.

6. Select the right mulch for your needs

There are many different types of mulches available, so talk with your lawn care expert about which is right for you. The wrong mulch and nutrients can actually hinder your lawn’s growth and success.

Work with Paradise Property Services

Have other questions about your lawn or outdoor areas this season? The experts at Paradise Property Services are happy to answer your questions and service lawns in the local area. Contact us today to learn more about our services or recommendations for your property!

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